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Strategy Transparent

Strategy for Success

A multi-workshop service, turning skill, ambition, and passion into clear strategies, underpinned by strong ethics and values. We unleash the power and creativity of your people to produce lasting and effective strategies. 

Teams need a clear strategy that empowers and energises them to achieve collective success.

This service not only generates or ratifies the strategy, but also creates the workstreams and deliverables to achieve success. It's a tactical service, with quick wins for the team and the organisation.

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Programme & Project Management

Expert, proven programme and project management with extensive industry-relevant experience. Our approach—robust yet flexible—adapts to the needs of the business. Considerate stakeholder engagement energizes the team and helps achieve success.

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PMO: Programme Management Office

Our PMO specialists not only underpin our own projects, but they can be there for your in-house projects too. They approach projects with the rigour and robustness that's expected, but their human-centred nature and excellent communication skills ensure stakeholders, and the wider project team are engaged and supportive.

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Programme Accelerator

Do you have a project that needs an extra boost to help it succeed? We can provide additional resources or help you conduct a review and appraisal of the program so you can identify opportunities for acceleration. We can be a temporary addition to your team, or a long-term supporter; whatever you need to ensure that your project achieves its goals on time.

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Process Review & Re-engineering

Identifying opportunities for enhancement and efficiency in the areas of people, process, and systems. First, we map how things are now, before creating a vision of how they could be. The output is a graphical map, supported by the detail, of how to transform, evolve and improve. Our industry-relevant experience allows us to share and explore insights that are relevant to your world.

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Business Change Artistry

The ability to implement successful change is an art, and we're artists! Business change artists that is! We integrate with your local programmes and projects to create a business change strategy that motivates and energises your stakeholders, turning them into ambassadors of the change. We can support with everything from discovering the art of the possible and establishing a strategy and approach, to end-to-end business change programme management, all built on a foundation of industry-relevant expertise.

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Cultural Change Programmes

The foundation of every successful business change is culture, and the values and behaviours that a positive organisational culture brings. So, why would you build on anything other than a firm foundation? Our culture change services range from a rapid tactical service to define the culture strategy, to a complete and comprehensive rollout of culture improvement.

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Consumer Journey / User Experience/ Competitor Review

How do you stack up against your competitors? Do you know who your competitors are? Consumer expectations are changing, and the no industry is exempt from those changes. Whether you're focusing on the digital experience, or the in-person encounter (or perhaps a blend of both), we can provide an assessment of how you compare and give you an action plan for improvement.

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Consumer Insight and Analysis

What do your consumers think about you? How do you know? We can find out! Through the hosting of consumer panels, research programmes and 'voice of the consumer' studies, we identify the areas for celebration, and the opportunities for improvement. Our industry-relevant experience enables us to ask the right questions in the right way. If required, we can then roll our sleeves up and help you implement the changes, or leave you with the tools to self-improve.

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Critical Friend & Coach

With a wealth of industry relevant expertise, and a vast collection of successful projects under our belt, there's a lot we've seen and delivered, but also a lot of lessons learned. As a critical friend and coach, we'll work with you to identify issues and spot opportunities with your programmes and projects, or your operational business. Whilst you're focusing on delivering, we're focused on you to ensure the best outcomes for everyone involved.

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Procurement, Supply Chain and Tender Management

We have led significant tenders in a diverse set of disciplines across multiple industries. We know what works best and have the industry knowledge to make sure that you get the optimum outcome. From light touch advisory services to comprehensive tender management, we can support you.