Jaguar Land Rover (Global)

Type: Case Study


Peer to Peer Learning

Change is a funny thing… Deep down, we all know it's needed, but when it happens to you it can be frustrating.

Picture it….

You're trying to get on with your day job and a wedge of paper lands on your work station. It's a new Company Directive/Advisory Note/Policy Document from Head Office to read, understand and adhere to…did I mention that you're trying to get on with your day job….

This is where change becomes an imposition, an inconvenience; and funnily enough, not very well received.

Change is essential to business innovation though; even more so after an exercise of review and learning.

Akeno were engaged to work with the thebigteam, by Jaguar Land Rover, to work with their Aftersales function in the Global Retailer network to improve workshop optimisation.


After a period of learning, we established the issues and areas of opportunity. The solutions and changes were defined, but the challenge was how to communicate them.

During the learning exercise, we utilised the Barrett Model approach to analyse how the teams on the ground felt. This is important as it enables us to understand the best way to embed the change.

People are one of the most important assets of any business. If your people are unhappy, their motivation will be low, which impacts on their productivity, efficiency and customer service levels.

Our analysis showed that a peer to peer approach to learning and change would be most effective. Rather than focusing on the negatives, we focused on the positives. We used a range of media including easy to digest video clips, simple written assets, and even podcasts to communicate the change and share examples of great practice.


The impact was great, the feedback was positive and well received, and most importantly, workshops became more optimised. By taking the time to learn before rushing ahead with changes, we were able to demonstrate a rapid and positive outcome for the Technician, the Retailer, the Customer and the Brand.