🏆 Thrilled to Announce: Akeno Ltd Wins "2024 Innovation & Transformation Consultancy of the Year" Award! 🏆

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🏆 Thrilled to Announce: Akeno Ltd Wins "2024 Innovation & Transformation Consultancy of the Year" Award! 🏆


We are overjoyed to announce that Akeno Ltd has been honoured with the prestigious "2024 Innovation & Transformation Consultancy of the Year" award! 🎉 This accolade is a testament to our unwavering commitment to driving transformative change and innovation across industries, particularly our specialism in automotive.


At Akeno, our values are not just words on a page – they are the guiding principles that shape our every action and decision. From the outset, we have been dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, integrity, and collaboration, and this award is a true reflection of the dedication and passion of our incredible team.


🌟 Energising, Curious, Transparent: We believe in being a beacon of energy and curiosity, approaching every challenge with an open mind and transparent communication. Integrity is at the core of everything we do, ensuring trust and credibility in all our interactions.


🚀 Gritty Mindset, Continuous Learning: With a gritty mindset, we embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. We are committed to continual learning and improvement, striving to be better every single day.


🤝 "We, Not Me": Collaboration and partnership are central to our ethos. We believe in the power of teamwork and the collective strength of our partnerships, fostering a win-win approach that benefits all involved.


This award is not just a recognition of our past achievements, but a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. We are immensely grateful to our clients, partners, and the entire Akeno team for their unwavering support and dedication.


Our Founder, Kerry Thompson says:


"As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, delivering exceptional results, and making a positive impact in the industries we serve.


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey!" 🌟

Find the wonderful Press Release that the team at E2 Media wrote as part of this award below: