The Secret to Success

What are you doing right now? OK, right now, you're very kindly reading my blog to find out the secret to success, so I guess a more accurate question is;  “What should you have done by now?” And therein lies my secret to success; to-do lists! 

I live my life, both personal and professional, using to-do lists. I write down everything (and I mean, everything!) that I need to achieve or remember, using an electronic to do list tool. I have separate to-do lists for different areas of my life, and one for each client I work with. I diligently list everything, along with a target completion date and reminder alert. This approach gives me a clear focus, and importantly, a clear mind, in terms of what I need to achieve each day. Of course, the list never remains static, and that’s the point. I’m continually adding new tasks, changing dates, shuffling priorities, and even creating new list categories, as my busy life dictates. 

There are many different tools out there, but I find that 'Wunderlist' works well for me. It synchronises between all of my devices, which means I’m always able to add to my list whenever something pops into my mind. I find that this approach keeps my mind clear in terms of being sure that I will achieve everything I need to achieve, when I need to achieve it, particularly for my clients. 

For me, success is achieved via high quality and timely deliverables, and there is nothing better than finishing the day by ticking off that last item….just in time for tomorrow’s to-do list to start!