The Dreaded New Year's Resolutions!

It’s been another fantastic year at Akeno HQ, and we’re all very grateful for another year’s worth of engagement with wonderful clients. 

However, the end of one year means the start of a new year, and that means the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all tried (and perhaps failed!) at the obvious; give up alcohol, give up chocolate, lose weight, go to the gym…, so this year, I’m going to go for something more positive. 

I’m going to go as paperless as I can. OK, so that might sound a bit half hearted; it would be better to say “I’m going 100% paperless”, but I have to be realistic. I’m a Business Consultant who does a lot of advanced project management and business analysis activities. I run workshops, I define operational processes and customer journeys, and I manage multiple work streams at any one time, so paper is inevitable. However, I can make a difference, starting with reducing the amount of paper-based notes I take in meetings, thanks to my latest gadget; an Apple Pencil. 

I have already started using my Apple Pencil to digitise my notes in Evernote and OneNote. These tools allow me to hand write notes, as well as draw pictures, alongside typed text. I will continue this wholeheartedly in 2019, and will also reduce the amount of printing I do. After all, we live in a digital world, and we’re currently working on an exciting digital project with a leading automotive brand (watch this space for more on that project!), so it’s only right that we lead by example. 

So, if you’re in a meeting with me and I’m using a notepad and pen, feel free to tell me off and remind me of this blog! After all, New Year’s Resolutions are for life, not just for January…..

Wishing all of our clients, colleagues, friends and associates, a very Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah / Happy Holidays, and a very happy and prosperous 2019.