Projects, Planning, Productivity……and Cricket….

Today’s activity was based at the very wonderful Kibworth Cricket Club in Leicestershire. No, I wasn’t trying out for the Ladies Cricket Team; I know where my skills lie, and it’s not in playing Cricket! I am most happy in my world of business consultancy, and that is what today was all about. The day was spent with associates from ‘thebigteam’, planning out the next phase of a programme we are undertaking with Jaguar Land Rover. 

Working onsite with clients is fantastic; you get access to stakeholders and can gently observe different ways of working. It’s always fascinating to experience the different cultures of the organisations I have the opportunity to work with. Jaguar Land Rover is particularly interesting due to the wonderful blend of nationalities they have working at their Global Headquarters in Coventry. I’m doing my best to learn Spanish, and listening to people converse so fluidly in their second or even third language, is awe inspiring.

As good as working onsite is, it can also be a distraction, which is why we took ourselves off to Kibworth Cricket Club for an away day of project planning. It was an extremely productive day, with a wonderful view of the cricket field. As we were busy indoors, the Groundsman was carefully tending to the pitch with pride. It struck me that is so important for us to enjoy what we do. Indoors, Dave, Simon and I were very happy with our post-it notes, marker pens and sticky labels, and outdoors, the Groundsman was very happy on his tractor. 

The moral of the story? I’ll stick to being productive with my projects and planning, and will leave the cricket and groundwork to the professionals! 

¡Hasta luego!