Project Plug-In Episode 3

Project Plug In - Episode 3

Despite the lack of updates, ‘Project Plug-In’ is still going, but I admit I'm finding it difficult to meet my milestones…

The move to EV ownership is a very different purchase compared to the other cars I've bought in the last 23+ years since I passed my driving test and bought my first car (a Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6GL in white with the all-important red go faster stripe if you were wondering!)

It feels like I’m buying my first car all over again! I’m learning about new models and new technology, and my eyes are peeled when I’m on the road or in a car park, as I look out for new options to consider.

With a combination of online research and EV spotting, I now have a short list. Well, not so short….

So, now it’s onto the fun bit! Test drive!

The way a car drives and performs is a key part of my car buying process, and even more so with an EV, as the whole experience is so different.

I am desperate for a seamless, effective, and relevant omnichannel experience; one that can knit the pieces of my online and offline journey together. I’ll come back to this in a later blog as I have a lot to say!

Back to the test drive….

My next job is to actually test drive the cars on my short list. What I’d like to do is to book an appointment online, turn up, drive the car, ask my questions and leave to work through my finance and purchase options online from home (an omnichannel experience that is relevant to me, my needs and my lifestyle).

What do you reckon to my expectations? Achievable?

I’ll report back…..