Outsource your business transformation requirements with Akeno as your delivery partner.

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❓Do you have new projects on the horizon, and/or inflight projects underway?

❓Does your business need to transform, but where to start?

❓Are you ambition-rich, but time and/or resources poor?

Let us worry about it for you.

🤝We can be your end-to-end outsourced transformation delivery partner, or we can work with your existing internal teams, and external partners, to offer additional expertise and resource whenever you need it.

We can even support your recruitment processes to build your ongoing delivery capability.

Whatever your business transformation needs, we can help.

Outsource to us, and we’ll take care of as much or as little of your transformation and change needs, as required.

To learn more about how we operate, or to explore how we could deliver for you, get in touch via kerry@akeno.co.uk

And to hear what our clients say, check out this page: https://www.akeno.co.uk/testimonials 🧡💙

To request a copy of our approach email us at kerry@akeno.co.uk with a subject line of ‘Akeno Approach’.