Joining The Tribe

August was meant to be a time of rest for me. After being landed with an unexpected project in the form of Project Slippers (check out the previous blogs if you haven't read about Project Slippers!), and after successfully delivering a project for a Global automotive brand, August was intended to be a period of downtime….

However, anyone who knows me or has worked with me, knows I don't do downtime very well, and August has been no different!

I'm very pleased to announce that I have been invited to join a growing business called The Tribe Group, as Director of Operations and People. Following my latest theme of diversification, this is an additional commitment alongside my existing Akeno work, and I am still full engaged in the Atonic4 alliance I have discussed previously ( and ). There's certainly no time to get bored!

So I thought I'd use this blog to talk a little about The Tribe Group, what we do and why, and as an added bonus, I've detailed some useful hints and tips on how to ensure the best levels of customer service.

The Tribe Group is dedicated to unlocking explosive growth for businesses who are looking to scale fast whilst providing the best customer service and the best client outcomes. We do this through outcome-focused customer service outsourcing, marketing support and people development & consulting.

One of our major clients includes franchises of a national gym chain. We operate as their customer service function; fulfilling all activities to ensure a positive customer journey, such as inbound and outbound call management. As well as providing a first class customer experience, we are also able to value our successes in monetary form, thus demonstrating a positive return on our client's investment.

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values:

I can summarise us in the following way:

"We look after our tribe, we work for our people, we learn our clients' brand, and make them loved by their customers."

To find out more about The Tribe Group, check out our website, and of course, if you'd like anymore information, please contact me anytime on

And finally, as customer service is so close to my heart (even more so now I'm part of The Tribe Group!), here is my added gift to you; a set of hints and tips to ensure you deliver the best levels of customer service.

  1. Know Your Product/Client - Expansive knowledge of your product/client is essential, and so is genuine belief in order to be able to talk to the customer in a passionate and insightful way.  
  2. Positivity - A positive attitude goes a long way when it comes to customer service. Even the most difficult problems can feel less overwhelming with a bit of positivity.  
  3. Smile! - Whether in person or on the telephone, a smile is infectious. We’ve all experienced those cold and monotonous calls where the person on the other end of the phone is clearly grimacing into their headpiece. We may not be able to see the smile, but we can sense it!
  4. Speed - Response times are key. It's essential to be prompt when answering the telephone, responding to live chat, or serving in a shop. We've all had that toe-tapping or finger-tapping moment where we've started to lose our patience due to being kept waiting
  5. Personalisation - Customers and clients want to feel like more than just a number, so, where possible, personalise the service to them. Note down key intelligence and information about them. Did they mention they are going on holiday? If so, note it down and ask them how it was next time you speak to them.
  6. Actively Listen - Don't just listen, actively listen. There's a big difference! Hear what the customer is saying and demonstrate that you're listening by using phrases such as; "Let me make sure I’ve got this right….” before you repeat the problem or situation back to them in your own words, to show you’ve heard them and fully understand.
  7. Proactivity - This is all about going the extra mile before the customer has to ask. This makes the customer feel special and they will keep coming back for more.
  8. No excuses! - Yes, your systems might be running slow, or you might be short staffed, but none of that is the customer's fault. Stay focused on the customer at all times and do not make excuses.
  9. Problem Solve - Problems are inevitable in all walks of life and all businesses. The aim isn’t to avoid problems (you can’t!), it's to manage them. You must thrive on solving your customers' problems in an efficient and creative way. If the company is wrong, or has let the customer down, acknowledge it, then move straight into solution mode. The solution must go above and beyond the customer's expectations to show you are committed to them and their future business with you.
  10. A Promise Is A Promise - Deliver on your promises, and better still, over deliver. Remember the phrase; "Under promise, over deliver" - NEVER the other way around!

I hope these hints and tips have been helpful. The trick is to embed them enough so they become habits, rather than forced behaviours. Give it a whirl and see how you get on.

Good luck!