It Must Be Love, Love, Love...

We can’t get away from it, it’s the month of LOVE…which got me thinking about questions I get asked time and time again….

I’m often asked why I do what I do. Not the actual business consultancy, but the 'self-employed-running-a-business-employing-people' bit.

  • “Are you not worried about running out of money?”
  • “Does it not stress you out having to employ people?”
  • “So you don’t get holiday pay, or sick pay or a pension?!”
  • “How do find your next piece of work, is it not worrying?”
  • “Why on earth do you do it?!”
  • ‘What about Brexit, will that not impact you?"

These are just a few of the many questions I get asked when I explain that I run my own business. I have a very simple answer:

“Because I love it!”

I love everything about my work. I love the variation, I love the challenge, I love to make a difference and I love to meet new people.

As a Business Consultant I get the opportunity to work with fantastic organisations and brilliant teams. I love to get started, learn quickly and deliver results. I do this through my positive, friendly, non-threatening approach. I appreciate that projects, change and transformation can be confusing, stressful and worrying for people. I work with the local teams, not against them. We succeed together. 

I have always been complimented on my positive attitude and attentive persona, which is why I chose “Akeno” as my company name. Akeno is a Japanese name that means bright and shining, and that is a perfect reflection of me and my Akeno Team. The reason we are so bright and shining, is because we genuinely love what we do. 

We love to analyse problems, identify and implement solutions, transform people, processes and systems, and genuinely, make a difference.

In my opinion, life’s too short to do anything other than what makes you happy, with who makes you happy. So, surround yourself with good people, and do a job that you truly love. After all, we spend a long time working to be anything other than happy.

(Hopefully this picture of a laughing horse made you smile! We should all strive to be as happy as this horse!)