First Day Nerves

I was reading the article below about what to do on your first day of work, with interest.

It gives 27 tips on how to behave on your first day in a new job. As Interim Business Consultants, what we do all the time, is to have a “first day” at work. Starting a new job is a big deal. You have new people to meet, names to remember, dynamics and culture to work out, and don’t even get me started on actually finding your way around a new building! 

As a Business Consultant, you have additional pressures. You are being paid to make a difference – quickly – and as such, you need to hit the ground running. There’s no luxury of a long induction period and training programme; your client has hired you to deliver results. There is the added pressure of fear from the business-as-usual team. The presence of external consultants can often be unsettling, so it’s vital to understand and overcome any fears, in order to allow the engagement to continue smoothly. 

The article got me thinking about how I tackle my first day on a new assignment. I wholeheartedly agree with all 27 tips in the article. I always make sure I’m well prepared, I’m never late (in fact, I’m often ultra-early and end up sitting in the car until a more appropriate time!), and always make sure I listen carefully and pay attention to everything I’m told. It’s also key not to judge anyone or any situation too quickly, especially people who might be a little curt when you first meet them; it could just be the fear I talked about earlier. Importantly though, I make sure I’m me. Akeno means bright and shining in Japanese. I named the company Akeno because “bright and shining” is a reflection of the way that I do business. I’m a friendly and positive person, and ensure these values are engrained into everything I do as a Business Consultant. I go and meet people, I learn the team dynamics, I listen to and understand any concerns, and most importantly, I memorise everyone’s tea and coffee order! Never under estimate the power of a good cuppa….