🎉 Celebrating 9 Years of Akeno Ltd: Transforming Business, Making Futures Bright! ðŸŽ‰

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Birthday 2

January marks the 9th anniversary of Akeno Ltd - what a journey! 🚀 As the proud Founder & CEO, I’m thrilled to reflect on the incredible milestones & achievements we've accomplished.

🏆 Award-Winning Excellence in 2023: In the past year alone, Akeno Ltd had the honour of receiving 6 prestigious awards for our transformative work. It's a testament to the dedication & expertise of our team.

🚀 Overcoming Challenges, Standing Out: Navigating the business landscape is no easy feat, especially when competing with larger corporations. As the saying goes “nobody gets fired for hiring IBM”, but our clients put their trust & business in our hands, & we’ve not only stood out, but delivered with dedication, agility, & budget-friendly options.

🙏 Gratitude to the Akeno Team: None of this would be possible without the exceptional Akeno Ltd team. Each member's commitment & hard work are the driving forces behind our success. I value every second they invest in delivering top-notch services to our clients, & the unwavering support they provide to me.

🌟 Future Goals: Looking ahead, our mission for this year is clear – to continue delivering award-winning transformation services & making a real difference in the lives of our clients & their businesses.

🤝 Collaborative & Inspirational: I want to thank our clients for entrusting us with their business transformations. We're not just partners; we're collaborators in creating a brighter future. Let's continue this journey of success & innovation!

Thanks to everyone who's been a part of Akeno Ltd's incredible journey so far. Here's to many more years of transformation, growth, & success! 🥂

(Of course, if you’d like to explore your own team or business transformation ideas, get in touch)

Wishing you a wonderful 2024!

Kerry, Founder, CEO (& Chief Energiser!) at Akeno Ltd