🌟💡Bridging the recruitment gap, and accelerating the recruitment process with added value💡🌟

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Are you a recruiter working hard to fill a role for a client? 

Or perhaps you’re the client waiting for the role to be filled. 

What do you do whilst you’re waiting for the perfect person to be found? 

How do you make progress with the business deliverables in the meantime? 

We’ve got an idea… 💡🌟  

But first, does this recruitment process sound familiar? 

1️⃣ Define what you need, and create a job description 

2️⃣ Recruiters source people for the role

3️⃣ CVs received - trawl through and identify the people you want to interview 

4️⃣ Interview process….

5️⃣ If you’re unlucky, you don’t find the perfect person, and you loop back through stages 3 and 4 (sometimes multiple times). Sometimes, you realise you need to refine the job description and start again.

6️⃣ If you’re lucky, you find the perfect candidate 

7️⃣ And you wait for them to start - sometimes people (especially senior roles), are on a 3 month notice period

8️⃣ They start in role and begin to immerse and embed themselves in your business. Senior people with significant roles will typically initiate a 30-60-90 day plan.

9️⃣ Only at this point, can significant business improvements and deliveries be started - this could easily be 6+ months from the start of the recruitment process, maybe even longer!


So, what can you do to make progress on your business priorities during that time?


Call Akeno in! 💡🌟🧡💙


We have proven experience of bridging the gap to ensure not only delivery of business outcomes, but also laying a foundation for your new person to start. At which point, we handover and exit to allow your new recruit to take the baton and continue, rather than starting from a blank page.  

(Or we can stay - in a reduced capacity - to be an ongoing extension of your team). 

We can even help you at the very beginning, by defining the role requirements with you, and even supporting the recruitment process alongside your recruitment agencies, to maximise the chance of finding the best person as promptly as possible. 

We accelerate the recruitment process AND accelerate progress of business deliverables. 

And back to our first question - are you a recruiter? If so, we can be your added value to your client AND you - your client makes progress in their business, and you get support from the inside to find the best candidate. We call that a win-win all round! 

We have a proven case study on this approach - contact us for a copy and explore the wins awaiting your business. 

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