Automotive Management

Many of us here at Akeno HQ have a genuine passion for cars. We love nothing more than a good natter about the latest models on the market, and get very animated when we’re discussing the latest Top Gear series (from the Top Gear challenges to ‘the star in a reasonably priced car’, there’s plenty of car-related content to get excited about!)

However, our passion goes deeper than that. We are genuinely passionate about the industry providing a suitable and relevant consumer experience, and will do everything we can to support OEMs and their retailers in delivering an optimum consumer journey, whether that’s online or in-person.

And so, we were interested to read a recent article from Automotive Management (AM), which contained “‘Killer quotes’ from automotive industry senior executives and analysts”….

Which ones do you agree with, and which would you challenge?

Here they are:

“OEMs need to look at what’s happening in the marketplace and follow through with their plans to rationalise their networks, and fast, in my view.” 

- Marshall Motor Group chief executive Daksh Gupta


“Accessibility is now one of the biggest competitive factors in building reputation in the marketplace.” 

- Prof Jim Saker director of the Centre for Automotive Management at Loughborough University’s Business School


“There is no reason for used values to drop because it isn’t like car manufacturers have some spare semiconductors hiding under the sofa.”

- Jon Mitchell, Autorola group sales director


“With the used car prices being so heavily inflated, owners can often get around the same, if not more, now than what they paid for their car, and are usually pleasantly surprised with their valuation.” 

- Rob Keenan, joint managing director, Drive Motor Retail


“Acting as a flagship EV while our all-electric sales continue to grow every year, (the EV6 is) a strong statement to show what Kia is capable of.” 

- Paul Philpott, chief executive and president of Kia Motors UK


Some strong words from influential people in the industry. The market’s in a strange place right now. Supply is still being impacted, used car prices are still inflated, the EV revolution is still coming fast and furious…..and, in our opinion, consumers are still waiting for an optimum and relevant consumer experience that fits their needs.

The question is, who will be the first to deliver it……?