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In any industry there are always organisations that stand out from their peers and set the standards that others in their field have to aspire to achieve. Akeno Ltd is an organisation that certainly meets this criteria leading the way as one of the UK’s leading transformation consultancies. They have made quite a name for themselves over the years establishing a well deserved reputation as one of the rising stars of the industry and if the last few years are any barometer of what the future holds then there are many successful chapters yet to be written in the Akeno story.

The reputation they have is fully justified and is now beginning to earn them more tangible forms of recognition. In the prestigious UK Enterprise Awards they were given the impressive accolade of being named Business Transformation Consultancy of the Year. The award was well deserved and has further cemented their reputation as one of the absolute leaders in their field. Following on from those successes we are delighted to announce that Akeno are the latest recipients of one of our Awards of Excellence. They have won the award for Innovation and Transformation for 2024.

With our awards we think it’s important to recognise organisations that are bringing something new and innovative to their marketplace. They don’t necessarily have to be the biggest but they have to be an organisation that is trying to offer something different to what is already out there and above all they must offer a great product or service. We feel that Akeno ticks all the boxes and are worthy winners of our award. The awards are clearly no accident and will come as no surprise to anybody that has worked with them. In this edition we will try and give you an insight into the work that they do and the success that they’ve enjoyed.

There are many factors but first and foremost they are good at what they do with the entire team sharing the same steadfast determination to maintain the high standards that have become such a trademark. So who exactly is Akeno Ltd and what is it that they do? Akeno is an independent innovation and transformation consultancy agency, focused on helping their clients to deliver positive change, underpinned by cohesive and energised teams. They help teams and organisations to turn skills, ambition and passion into clear strategies, underpinned by strong ethics and values. They build resilient teams that support and help direct the change taking place, and to drive the business to success.

Their founder, Kerry Thompson is an experienced professional with a proven track record having successfully worked with organisations in both the public and private sectors and has been the real driving force behind the success that they’ve enjoyed. Initially Kerry and her team work with their clients on the ‘imagine’ stage of their innovative approach. Here is where they support the creation, or ratification of a strategy, whether it’s the business as a whole or at a team level. This stage is all about the foundation of the future vision. Once the foundation is agreed the ‘innovate’ stage begins. Working collaboratively with their clients the Akeno team identifies where and how to innovate to meet the organisation’s goals.

Next comes the ‘implement’ stage and this is where the Akeno team makes the magic happen. They deliver a robust, yet agile programme management approach with positive stakeholder engagement. The next phase is known as ‘inspire’ which is all about implementing a lasting and sustainable change that will help the business thrive in the future. Kerry passionately feels that any organisation’s most important asset is its people and she is determined to ensure that working with Akeno will leave behind a legacy of inspired, skilled and energised people.

Akeno’s strategic framework is something that works but they do adopt a degree of flexibility in their approach to suit the individual needs of the different organisations they work with. They provide a totally bespoke service, delivering outstanding results within whatever budgetary constraints that they are working to. They never cut corners or compromise on the quality of their service in their determination to stay ahead of the curve and to continue to deliver a service that is amongst the best in the industry.

The challenge they face in the future as their reputation grows and the demand for their services increases further will be to maintain the high standards that have become such a trademark. Given the track record they have we think it’s something that they will achieve and that Stagefreight is a name you’ll be hearing much more of in the years to come.

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