🚤 “Akeno Are Our Rudder and Engine…” 🚤

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03 04 2024large

🚤 “Akeno Are Our Rudder and Engine…” 🚤
“…they stopped us going around in the same circles.”

These are the words our clients use to describe the work we do.

Let me explain….
🔵 Our proven discovery approach identifies the areas of opportunity in the business. We look at current systems, people, and processes, with an external and independent lens, that enables us to identify issues, as well as opportunities for improvement and transformation.

🟠 We work with stakeholders and senior leadership teams to define a strategy, that combined with the discovery findings, points the business in the right direction.

🚤 Like the rudder of a boat.

✅ And then we roll our sleeves up, and we deliver.

📈We’re the engine that accelerates progress.

❓So, what’s our secret to success?

🧍🏽‍♀️🧍Our people and our approach.

🚘 We have people with extensive industry-relevant experience. In automotive, this spans OEM, NSC, Dealership, and consultative experience, mixed with a healthy dose of a genuine passion for cars, trucks, motorbikes, and the industry as a whole. 🚙 🏍️ 🚛 🚐

💡All of this combined with our award-winning innovative, focused, and energised approach, is what sets us apart and results in our clients’ successes. 🏆

🤝 We’re collaborative, supportive, and driven by our values.

🎤 Here's what one of our automotive clients says about us:

"Kerry’s infectious enthusiasm for her work really shines through, and positively affects everyone that she’s working with, including the team she's built around her. I went into our first session with the Akeno team with a lack of clear understanding for our strategy and direction, but within minutes, they were able to help focus and guide us down the right path."

🥇Want to find out more? Get in touch and we'll send you some relevant case studies, and/or we can arrange a free discovery session to see if we can be your rudder and engine – and most importantly, we’ll stop you from going around in circles…