The Agency Revolution

In Spring 2020, Akeno began a partnership, called Atonic4, with 3 other automotive expert organisations. Together, we discussed and wrote about, the future of automotive. Our prophecy was the drive towards omni-channel sales, starting with the move to direct sales models, also known as "agency". As the pandemic took hold, we predicted an acceleration in the industry transformation. The online world we were all pushed into as a result of the pandemic was surely going to have an impact on the automotive industry too…

Akeno, and the other Founders of Atonic4, are not new to agency and omni-channel sales, and between us we have many examples of being part of industry first projects, including the launch of the SEAT Stores in Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex, and Westfield in London, the transition of the VWG TPS Parts solution to a direct sales model, and the transformation of the Audi Fleet business to an agency model. In addition to this, we have non-automotive expertise, including being part of the embryonic digital team at Argos, for the launch of their first transactional website; truly at the heart of the click and collect innovation.

Over the last 2 years, the automotive press has been flooded with news about OEMs who are beginning, or thinking of beginning, their transformation to the agency model, and we have also contributed our thoughts in that time, both online, and also via the published press.

We thought it was time to collate articles and blogs of interest to give you an insight into what's happening, what to think about, and what the future might look like, but if there are any gaps, please feel free to contact us with your questions and we'll endeavour to answer them! Direct questions and comments to Kieran Durnan ( and he'll co-ordinate the relevant actions at this end.

We hope you enjoy the series!