Stephen King

Stephen King

Stephen brings first-hand insights into the operational and commercial challenges within a Dealership, thanks to his frontline experience in roles such as Sales Executive and Sales Manager. His career then developed into training, and he is now a Master Trainer, delivering training to individuals throughout the sales and aftersales functions within Dealerships around the world. Stephen is also a leading trainer for automotive brands, such as Mercedes-Benz. His knowledge of Dealership roles, responsibilities and competencies is unparalleled. He’s a fantastic character and a brilliant motivator who brings a brilliant energy to the teams he works with.


I worked with Steve during his time at Marshall Audi and I can’t say how thankful I am for the help and close support he gave me personally. I first worked for Steve as a Sales manager at Newbury Audi and he worked with myself and the rest of my management team, focusing more closely to the daily detail and the key areas that makes departments & dealership successful. We soon saw better performance in New & Used Sales, and more importantly our rise in customer satisfaction. Steve helped me personally working on areas making me a better leader of a department and helping me to progress my career and supporting my desire to become a Head of Business. Steve helped and coached me all the way through that journey and gave me my first opportunity as a Head of Business at Taunton Audi. Steve continued to offer me close help and support that gave me the confidence and the foundation to help me grow into the role and understand all key areas of running a business. Personally, I owe a lot to Steve and he was a key factor in my development and one I am very thankful for, having the opportunity to work with Steve in my career.

— Matthew Nutt, General Manager at Marshall Motor Group

I worked with Steve for three years. He is a talented and intelligent leader. Structured, strategic, and great at forging and building relationships at all levels. Unquestionable integrity and dedication, he will be a trustworthy and insightful addition to any team.

— Jamie Crowther, Operations Director, Marshall Motor Holdings PLC

I worked with Steve when he was my Franchise Director at MMG....and whilst always demanding and competitive, he was also engaging and communicative! The vast experience that Steve had with the Audi brand was a massive positive and always gave good perspective when dealing with issues and challenges.....and great insight with positively effecting our Q Power standing (Internal Scorecard measures!) Steve tried at every opportunity to bring his Divisional Team together...always making an effort to celebrate success....and take the learning from every situation! Very much a "don't dwell on the past"....but "effect the future" approach!

— Paul Craven-Jones, Head of Business at Newbury Audi (Marshall Motor Group)