Michael Xenakis

Michael Xenakis Dsc01930

With over 35 years of trailblazing experience in world trade, Michael is not your average professional—he's a seasoned navigator of the global marketplace. 

A Maestro of Sourcing and Logistics: From cradle to grave, Michael's expertise spans the spectrum of trade—sourcing, importing, exporting, cross trading, parallel trading, and grey market. In the automotive, hardware, spare parts, and accessories domains, he's not just finding suppliers and buyers; he's orchestrating seamless transactions utilising every logistics avenue imaginable, from cargo ships to helicopters. 

Driven by Challenge and Results: Michael thrives on challenges, with a track record of delivering client requirements worldwide, on time, and within budget. His analytical prowess and problem-solving acumen set him apart, consistently finding optimum solutions even in the most complex scenarios. 

A Global Networker and Communicator: His extensive contacts and knowledge form the backbone of his success and he's a collaborative force to be reckoned with. 

Beyond Trade: Michael is not confined to boardrooms; he's a hands-on leader. He's project-managed the completion of a 5-storey building with an underground car park and expanded a terraced shop in London by 50%, all while running successful businesses. His ability to handle diverse challenges is a testament to his multifaceted skill set.