Mark Asaad

Meet Mark Asaad, a seasoned professional with an extensive and diverse career spanning over 15 years, passionately dedicated to infusing a personal touch into the automotive and rental sectors. Mark's journey is a testament to successful ventures, strategic leadership, and tangible outcomes, with a spotlight on his significant contributions to the automotive industry, including pivotal roles at Ford Motor Company. 

At Ford Motor Company, Mark held key positions that underscore his depth of expertise. Serving as a leader in the Rental & Leasing division across Ford of Britain & Ireland, he managed a significant budget and strategically deployed annual Ford supply agreements, contributing significantly to the Commercial Vehicles market. Mark's influence extended further as the Mobility Strategy Manager, where he spearheaded the definition of the 2030 product and business strategy for Ford in Europe, showcasing his forward-thinking approach and industry foresight. 

Beyond his impactful roles at Ford, Mark's rich experience is characterised by diverse accomplishments. As the Lead Consultant & Advisor to the CEO, COO & Sales Director at Coastr, he provided bespoke leadership and business strategy consultancy, contributing to the innovative product's success. Additionally, his role as the Director of Automotive, Fleet & Mobility at CGI Business & IT Consulting involved launching a global sub-sector, achieving three new logos, and surpassing revenue objectives. 

Mark's proficiency extends to translating complex matters into actionable plans and constructing compelling narratives tailored for senior leadership. His significant experience, coupled with a human-centric approach, positions him as a well-rounded industry expert. Passionate about classic car restoration and racket sports, Mark infuses his personal enthusiasm into his professional endeavours. 

With specialised expertise spanning various facets of the automotive and rental sectors, Mark is well-equipped to guide your business towards unparalleled success, drawing upon a rich tapestry of experience, strategic acumen, and a commitment to personalised engagement.