George Donaghue

George Donoghue

George is a Learning and Development Specialist with expertise in Aftersales, management, & customer service. He  has delivered face-to-face and virtual training programmes in the Automotive industry for a decade.

Until 2013, George had been working in the Middle East for 14 years, initially in the Automotive industry, and then in the Oil/Gas Industry. George was on the front line in both sectors, starting as an apprentice Parts Person moving into the Service Department as a Service Advisor, then Service Manager, before running a thriving BMW Service Centre in the Middle East for five years; a place where expectations are high, and service levels must be higher. George then took his Automotive skill into the Oil & Gas Industry, where he looked after the Supply Chain for a large international industrial tool manufacturer. 

George is a strong, results-driven, forward-thinking professional with a strong work ethic. He likes to work on the front foot, and works well with employers, clients and affiliates to achieve their objectives—a fast learner with an inquisitive nature who enjoys working in a professional environment.  

George is exceptionally passionate about helping people improve performance and always ensures that interactions are usable and practical in the workplace.