Andy Goram

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For over 25 years, Andy worked in various brand and commercial corporate marketing roles, working as the strategic conduit between Marketing, HR, and Operations departments. He’s passionate about people and he always ensures that all strategic and operational activities align to, and help to improve, the culture of the business and the brand reputation. During a successful corporate career, he worked for companies such as Allied Domecq Leisure, Spirit Group, Gala Coral Group, and Buzz Leisure. 

Andy is now on a mission to help businesses to become more successful from the inside out. It’s about getting more of the good ‘stuff’ that lies within a business’ people; the ‘stuff’ that’s often dormant and untapped. That good ‘stuff’ is often aligned across four strategic areas: 

  1. Creating a strong, compelling strategic narrative where the Purpose, Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategies all align, and work together, to create, refresh or strengthen company culture. 
  2. Equipping leaders and managers with the skills to engage, through coaching, mentoring, and/or facilitating workshops, on topics like managing for trust, or mindset change. 
  3. Building, listening, and acting on, the employee voice, so employees feel involved and able to meaningfully contribute to the successes of a businesses. 
  4. Creating and maintaining organisational integrity, setting the values and behaviours that stick, and ensuring the delivery of company objectives with employees that operate at their best. 

Andy’s known and valued for being an energetic, effective and empathetic facilitator, sound strategic thinker, and strong communicator. His focus is to now to help more businesses find and unleash the connections between what drives the business, and the people inside it who are the engine. The result being better, more consistent success for the business and customers alike, that truly engages and aligns the company and its employees.


As a small Community Interest Company experiencing rapid growth, Safer Business Network engaged Andy to facilitate a Business Foundations Workshop with our Senior Management Team and a Values Discovery Workshop with our whole team. Andy Goram, our Employee Engagement Consultant, really pushed us to think about what lies at the heart of our business and why we do what we do. It has been a real pleasure working with Andy. All of our team members found the sessions enjoyable and rewarding and we now have a much clearer direction of travel as a company.

— Rita King, Joint Chief Executive Officer at Safer Business Network and Independent Consultant on the Evening and Night Time Economy and Alcohol Policy

Andy is an excellent marketer, both on an on and offline level. Andy has a wealth of marketing experience and business leadership knowledge, and I would often ask him for his feedback and comments on campaigns I worked on. He is approachable, very calm under pressure and above all a great leader who would push everyone in his team to reach their goals and to become better marketers. I felt privileged to be part of his team and would have no hesitation in working with him again.

— Tina Calder, European Director of Retention at Awaze

Andy is an innovative and inspirational leader. He has the ability to think through complex ideas, develop a strategic vision and translate this into a really engaging and practical plan for the team. Always a pleasure to work with.

— Maggi Evans PhD, Author, Conference Speaker, Consultant, Psychologist, Top Team Facilitation, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching.